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Ways to Get People to Like Your Facebook Page

Madhushree Kelkar
Facebook is all about socializing and interacting, and for those who wish to promote a cause, it is about directing as many 'likes' as possible towards their page. Here you will find out the best ways to gain maximum Facebook likes.
According to the ExactTarget report called "The Meaning of Like", for many survey respondents, a 'like' was a great way to express approval for a specific piece of content.
As a Facebook user, what makes you like a page? Most of the time, it is original and engaging content, posts which cater to your needs, exclusive information, freebies, sales and discounts, and complete infotainment that makes you hit the 'like' button. Companies undertake many measures to increase their Facebook likes. This is because apart from brand loyalty and promotion, it also creates a platform to connect with prospective customers.
Today's social media-savvy customers are quick to form opinions about a brand or a company, based on their Facebook page. Hence, it is important that your page looks attractive, and is able to hold the interest of the users. For this, you may need a stunning cover photo and profile visual. You will also have to interact with customers from time to time.
Apart from this, your most interesting and famous Apps should be easily visible. Add some unique content to make it stand out from the rest of the pages. You must always design the page keeping the users in mind. This will help you to cater to their expectations in a better way, and will result in getting more 'likes'. Here are a few ways to get people to like your Facebook page.

Know Your Target Audience

It is important that you know your target audience well. This will help you provide them value through your posts, and keep them hooked to the page. Not only this, the fan page should have a call-to-action communication, which will ultimately lead to popularity of your brand.
For example, a sports shoe brand will know that their target audience will comprise people in the age group of 15 to 40. They will try to design and direct their posts to gain the attention of such people. Their posts will engage youngsters, and get maximum likes on their Facebook page.

Interact with Your Target Audience

Merely getting people to like your Facebook page is not enough. You must be able to hold their interest.
For this, you will have to interact with them through your page. You can do this by 'liking' and 'commenting' on their actions related to your page.
You must have regular interactions with the users in order to have a better reach. The timing of your post, the occasion of your post, your brand's peak time, etc., should also be considered in order to gain maximum mileage out of it.

Put Social Buttons on Your Website

If you have observed, many companies have 'Like' buttons on the homepage of their website.
In some cases, it may be a 'Follow us' button, giving a link to your Facebook page. When a user clicks on the 'Like' button, it reflects on your page. Similarly, many icons of other social networking websites can also be placed on the webpage.

Don't Over-post

While posting on your Facebook page, do not emphasize on quantity, but stress on quality instead.
You should have a balanced number of posts. Too many posts may end up irritating people, and too less will affect your EdgeRank. In the first scenario, users will fall in the pattern of ignoring your posts once they see them.
While in the latter, it may become a case of "out of sight, out of mind". Upload the posts at the right time in order to gain a better viral reach.

Claim Your Vanity URL and Use It

Facebook offers a free Vanity URL, which can be on the lines of your website domain name. You can get it by registering your Facebook Page username. It is important that you get a Facebook Vanity URL, as it will make your page more professional. Also, it will be easier for users to search your page. Your page needs at least 25 fans before you claim your Vanity URL. This is undertaken in order to avoid squatting.

Promote It With Facebook

The best thing to do in order to make your company's Facebook page popular is post information about it on your own timeline. You can also spread the word about your page by dropping a private message to friends on your list. You can also request them to share the details on their timeline.
You can create various events on Facebook, and promote them among the users. Another thing that you can undertake is listing and linking the company page to your own personal profile.

Watch the Quality of Your Content

You must share interesting content-it can be in the form of graphics, infographics, text, video, etc. Remember that your content must be entertaining as well as engaging, only then will they click the 'like' button on your post or share it. Try to communicate more through interesting visuals, rather than text.
Even when you want to share financial news about your company, try to portray it in a creative way so that it will behold user attention. Ensure that there are no typos, plagiarism, &/or factual errors in the post. This will improve your popularity, and many people will be directed to your page to check it out. This may also prompt them to 'like' your page.

Spread the Word

You can spread the word about your Facebook page among your customers, family, and friends. You can do this by calling them or even sending them emails about it. You can also implement the traditional marketing methods like sending an email, mentioning your Vanity URL on your visiting card, sending gifts with the Vanity URL imprinted on them, etc.
This will encourage them to 'like' your page. You can also put the URL of your page in your email signature and your social media visiting card. You can also put a sign of 'Follow us on Facebook' in the lobby of your office.

Contests, Sweepstakes and Discounts

Many stores arrange contests through their Facebook pages to engage their users. It can be anything from running "Fan of the Month" promotions or for 'fans only' contests. You can arrange for slogan contests, free giveaways, discounts, sales, free coupons, sweepstakes, trivia, creative comment contests, etc.
You can also upload their pictures with your products, ask which features do they like most about your products, and even undertake a product survey, etc. Plan to give away free goodies to people who get the answers right or who get selected. This will make your page popular, and many people will like it. The key is to engage and involve the users.

Get a Like-gate

A like-gate is a customized tab created for your Facebook page. It only allows people who have liked your page to view the content on it. Once a person tries to view information on your page, he is encouraged to like the page first before he gets an access to the information displayed on it.
Many Facebook pages utilize this like-gate tab in order to get users to like their pages. However, to gain success through this tab, it needs to have a prominent visibility on the page.

Create a Campaign

If you can spend some money, create an interesting campaign for your Facebook page. Try to get an application made for the campaign, as it will help in generating interest among the people. Not only promote this campaign through Facebook, but also utilize other platforms to inform people about it.
If possible, host an event and get people to join you. For example, you can host an eco-bicycle rally or some other event, which will get a good response from people. Direct its promotion to your page, and you will see that the number will multiply overnight.

Use Facebook to Invite Friends

You can suggest your company's page to your Facebook friends easily. All you have to do is click on the "Invite Friends" option on your company page. This will result in many of your friends liking your page. When they do so, it will appear on their wall.
This may interest other people who may also like your page. You can also inform your email contacts about your Facebook page. You can connect your company's page to your email's address book. All you have to do is go to the "Edit Page" section, and click on "Connect With People."

Undertake Call to Action

Gone are the days when the social button read 'Visit us' and gave the social media address. Nowadays you have to use direct call-to-action words like 'Follow us', 'Like us', 'Like our page', etc., in order to prompt the users to like your page on Facebook.

Utilize EdgeRank

EdgeRank is the algorithm that is used by Facebook to decide which posts go into the users' News Feed. It also knows which posts are popular and have better views. You can see the data regarding the target audience visiting your page.
It also gives you information about the accurate time for posting, in order to generate maximum response from users. Hence, you should use it for your advantage to promote your Facebook page likes.
There is a new trend of buying Facebook likes. However, it may not generate the expected results. Now that you know about the different ways to get people to like your Facebook page, implement these tactics to generate and hold the interest of the users. Remember to update your timeline on a regular basis.
You can also utilize the Facebook ad platform to get paid ads. Other than this, Facebook allows you to write recommendations about your services on the page. Hence, get people to write good recommendations for you.
Though the recommendations are more about the service than the page itself, it will definitely help in getting more likes for your page, as people are always on the lookout for what others have liked.
Also, connect your Twitter account to Facebook, and re-direct users from there to like your page. Also, don't forget to 'Pin' your Facebook posts on Pinterest. Try to cash in on your Facebook page and turn likes into leads.