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Types of Pictures That Have Become Cliche on Social Media

Meghraj Dhabale
Cute baby kittens and puppy images that are a rage on the internet. But honestly, these and other images of its ilk have been done to death under the guise of a joke, message, or meme. All begging for "likes" in the name of country, humanity, feminism, motherhood or fatherhood. It naturally makes you utter "cliched".
With the risk of sounding sarcastic, one can't help but point out that repetitive images on social media DO give a vicious rhetorical feeling. These seven statements convey the array of feelings (from mild condescension to teeth grinding sarcasm) experienced.
  1. I need some fresh air.
  2. Give me a break.
  3. I had enough.
  4. Come on! Get over with it.
  5. O man! I think you should celebrate a silver jubilee of sending this same crap again.
  6. This is what "grind my gears".
  7. A vivid thought that the keyboard is an ice tray, and in frustration of getting the ice out of it, you just twist both the ends of it in agony and irritation.

Good morning and good night messages

"Keep calm" kind of irritation

Gross images of feet covered in sand on the beach

Boring clouds images

Images of typical food type

Images through the window of a plane

Pouting face mirror selfies

Monotonous sunrise or sunset images

Some people find it hard to keep things to themselves, and end up expressing it on the world wide web through the most cliched images. And who can blame them, coz we all have been guilty of it some time or the other. One thing we can't deny though, such images can be captivating and achieve the desired effect.