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Smiley Faces on Facebook

Puja Lalwani
The use of smiley faces on Facebook helps enhance your chat conversations with your buddies, and makes them more expressive. Take a look at the different smiley faces you can create and use on Facebook chat.
Facebook has introduced us to an alternate way of living, where we connect with people we know, we don't know, reconnect with those we haven't heard from in the longest time, chat with them, and create new or relive old memories. With a host of Facebook applications, one of the best and perhaps the most basic applications is Facebook chat.
Being able to chat with the people you wish to reconnect with is probably the easiest way to do so. Furthermore, if you experience an inability to fully express your feelings over chat, whether happy or sad, confused or angry, Facebook chat now allows you to use different smiley faces, popularly known as emoticons, and express yourself completely.
While the younger generations may already be aware of these symbols, it is those who are relatively new to this social networking website and its chat application, who need to learn a little about the smiley faces they can use on it. We provide you with a table of all the emoticons that can be used on this application, and the meaning of each symbol.

How to Make Smiley Face Symbols

What you must know, is that the symbols for smiley faces on Facebook are more or less similar to the popular text message symbols that we have been using in our texting sessions. However, it is not as advanced yet, as the number of symbols you can use while texting is vast!
In today's day and time, it is hard to imagine chatting or texting without these smileys. Somehow, your conversation seems incomplete without it. You can't crack a joke without putting a wink, you can't express anger without the angry symbol, you can't even express your love if you don't know how to make a heart on Facebook!
All those other feelings you want to express through this electronic medium remain inappropriately conveyed if you don't know how to use these smileys. As such, here are the smiley faces that you can use while chatting with a long lost friend, or your best friend, on Facebook!
Symbols Meaning
:-) :) :] =) Smile
:-( :( :[ =( Sad
:-P :-p :-p :p =P Tongue
;-) ;) Wink
:-D :D =D Big Smile/Grin
:-O :O :-o :o Surprised
Symbols Meaning
:'( Cry
8-) 8) B-) B) Geek
8-| 8| B-| B| Cool
>:( >:-( Mad
>:O >:-O >:o >:-o Angry
:/ :-/ Thinking
Symbols Meaning
o.O O.o Confused
:-* :* Kiss
3:) 3:-) Devil
O:) O:-) Angel
<3 Heart
^_^ Very Happy
Symbols Meaning
-_- Happy
:v Pacman
:3 Curled Lips
:|] Robot
(^^^) Shark
<(") Penguin
These smiley faces are limited in comparison to the ones that are used for text messaging. Yet, they seem sufficient to express your feelings appropriately over chat. Now, there is a belief that emoticons have made things too simple, and that people cannot convey humor and other such emotions simply by means of their tone of writing.
For instance, when a writer writes a book or an article, (s)he cannot use such emoticons to convey humor or anger. It is all by the use of words that this art of conveying tone without voice is developed. The belief is that the use of these emoticons is the easier way out.
In today's day and time, the dependency on these smiley faces seems to be increasing, and chatting without these seems unimaginable. In any case, the use of such emoticons definitely helps in your conversation and avoids any misunderstandings that may occur due to the lack of use of these.
Finally, how, when and where you want to use these emoticons is completely your choice. There is no rule against their use, and if you think they help you express yourself appropriately, go ahead and use all these smiley faces to enhance your chatting sessions with your buddies!