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Signs that Show You are an Instagram Addict

Renuka Savant
Oh! The sublime joy of fast, beautiful photo sharing only springs one sweet name to mind... Instagram. Rihanna can't do without it, and we'll have to admit, so can't most of us. But is our Instagram addiction spiraling out of control? Let's find out.
On the lines of the Tumblr blog called Rich Kids of Instagram, there are also the Rich Cats of Instagram, featuring images of the richest and most pampered kitties living the high life.
There are several among us who have willingly succumbed to the charms of the most amazing photo-sharing smartphone app that goes by the name of Instagram. And amazing that it is, Instagram cannot possibly escape the hoopla that surrounds it, with people loving it and slamming it in equal measure.
As with all social networking platforms, Instagram has its fair share of detractors. Consequently, the fans aren't spared as well. While Facebook gets a fancy addiction disorder named after it, Instagrammers aren't too far behind.
But do you really think Instagram addiction is real? I mean, it is after all, just about sharing photos, right? How can you be addicted to it?

To get some conclusive results, let us go through a day with a presumed-to-be chronic Instagrammer and find out for ourselves.

You calling me an Instagram addict?

Every morning begins not when the sunlight streams on to my face, but when my phone alarm goes off.
And I obviously have to reach out to it to shut it, right? Of course. While I'm still getting out of bed, I take a moment to admire my pretty-looking footsies, and simply can't do without clicking them. Well, here's the result...
The shower beckons, and that's when I thank the miracle, that is my waterproof smartphone.
Because who can resist taking a cutesy picture of my water ducky? Who can? Who can? Well, here it is...
Okay, I know what you're thinking - who has the time to cook breakfast from scratch in the morning? Well, neither did I, until Instagram swept me off my feet.
Now, I don't normally eat that much, but I can't just show a single pancake in a picture, right? So I flip about 10 of those, but only the 3 best-looking make it to the actual picture. The rest? Let's just say that my roommate's been putting on a lot of weight lately...
As I'm getting freakishly late for work, I just can't find the right pair of shoes to go with the outfit I'm wearing.
How can I, when I equally love all my dearly beloveds that I've worked so hard to buy. I'll get a picture clicked just so that you may see them...
Okay, so I should have been at the subway station 15 minutes ago, but I never step out of the house without bidding farewell to Aslan.
Who's Aslan? Oh, he's my fuzzy-woozy baby kitty. How can I not take a picture of this adorable piece of fur, who, if I may modestly add, is a mini celebrity of sorts on Instagram.

And this is what he usually does all day...
Whew! I finally step out of the building, like, 20 minutes behind time, and I've already missed my regular train.
But I step out of the building, and this is what I see... The Sun is shining down on the pavement like it never has!

Already clicked, my friend, already clicked.
I make it to the coffee shop in like, 20 seconds to have my regular cuppa, and you'll be wondering why I'm here despite being late for work already.
Well, the barista here has a flair for froth art, and I must say, I'm a connoisseur. Here's what I call the best click of the morning.
Having clicked the picture, I rush out without drinking the coffee, for lack of time and complete fear of scalding my tongue.
Out on the pavement I see this wonder of a classic car. Phone's out, picture's clicked. Whoo-hoo!
My office building never ceases to amaze me, and this particular picture that I just took proves it. This is what my office building looks like. With a Nashville filter, of course.
I'm in the lobby, waiting for the lift to arrive, and I think, why waste my precious time just standing here? So, here's a picture of what my office lobby looks like... Isn't Instagram the best?
Finally at my desk, a whole 40 minutes late as usual, but you know what? It's all in the name of creative pursuits. So, as my computer boots, I ask a colleague to click a picture of my manicured talons.
Lunch hour creeps up early in my case (since I reached late) and I buy myself a salad.
Well, I did have other, more palatable options, but the myriad colors of the salad look so great in my Instagram pics, that it is a small price to pay. Hey, if your food ain't clickable, it ain't eatable.
Okay, so it's raining outside. Now, this would've depressed me a few months ago in my sans-Instagram life, but it's all behind me. Look what a quick trip to the window yielded!
As another boring day draws to an end, I feel a familiar anticipation rising inside my head. As the rain clears up, my spirits begin to rise.
The clock keeps ticking. The Sun is peering out of the gray clouds. Soon enough, it's going to be sunset picture time! Ladies and gentlemen, I present you my sunset picture of the day...
On my ride back home, I keep wondering how many of my relationships have gone sour for the reason that those guys couldn't appreciate my creativity on Instagram.

Here's something funny - I once skipped a cousin's wedding because the country venue didn't have network coverage, and that freaking castle certainly wasn't WiFied. Without Instagram, you think I'd survive out there in the wild?
Know something else? I adopted Aslan for the sole reason of clicking pictures of his furry fat self.

I even learned cooking so I could put up fancy food pics on Instagram.
I think I've clicked hundreds of sunset pictures just to upload them on Instagram.

I just can't touch my food unless I've clicked a picture of it and uploaded it.
It is beneath my dignity to post photos sourced from the Internet.

I have removed the tackiness from clicking a mirrored selfie, and turned it into a fine art.
And you know what? I really hate coffee.