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13 People You Should Unfriend on Facebook

Ashmeet Bagga
You may have thousands of people on your friends' list on Facebook. There are some you hardly interact with, while some who entertain you with amazing and funny posts. There are some whose posts are simply annoying. What to do about them? Unfriend them, we say. This story gives you the types of people you should remove from your friends' list on Facebook.
Did You Know?
November 17th is celebrated as the National Unfriend Day.
Facebook has made life easier for people to connect with long-lost friends and family members who stay abroad. Also, it has become easier to befriend somebody whom you hardly know, just by sending them a friend request. Socializing with others is an added benefit of Facebook, but maybe we all were blinded by the notion that people actually want to be our friends. Therefore, we accepted friend requests of random people without giving it another thought, only to regret it later.
Our wall is filled with their endless feeds which we really don't care about. Facebook is supposed to be fun, plus it keeps you updated on what your friends are up to. But some people just ruin it for everybody. In fact, they shouldn't even exist on Facebook, unfortunately you don't have the power to control who posts on your wall.
But fortunately, you have the power of removing them from your friends' list. It's time to clear the clutter and keep those people whom you can have meaningful conversations with. Deleting friends on Facebook is really easy. Given below is a list of 13 types of people you need to let go on Facebook.

Types Of Friends You Should Unfriend

Sad Person

This person can't stop complaining about how his/her life has been.
Their posts are mostly about how hard their life is. They are just trying to earn sympathy and attention by posting sad quotes, sad pictures and what not! You don't need such negativity on your wall, unfriend them.


You never knew that complimenting them once on their photo would mean that they would flood your wall with their clicks.
They capture each and every moment of their lives and post them on Facebook for the world to see. Their photographs include places they visit, things they eat, etc. If only they could earn money for such photographs, they would have been millionaires by now.

Fifth Grade Classmates

Agreed it sounds good to accept a friend request from someone who used to bunk classes with you. It's even interesting to see what they are up to now, maybe have a thing or two common with them. But apart from this, why do you keep such a person in your account? Unless you are hoping to rekindle that friendship.

Ex's Family

It was a summer love which lasted for hardly six months or maybe more than that. Drop that goody shoes act and remove them from your list. You don't want to dig through their albums to find a picture of your ex or learn about their family vacations.

Your Ex

That goes without saying, do you want to kill yourself with a digital blade? If you fancy that, then go ahead and let them stay in your Facebook life. But if you are planning to keep them to show them how grown up you are or to keep a tab on their dating life, then it is a bad idea. Breaking up means removing them from each and every aspect of your lives.

Fake Account

Beware! They could be anybody starting from your daddy, brother, or perhaps any of your exes. The main motive behind their account is to keep an eye on you.
If they are your exes, chances are either they are too angry with you or basically jobless. They will stalk you till the time they get bored with it or find something interesting to do. If you suspect such an account, remove them.

The Tagger

Even if you are sitting at your place and they are in the bar, they would still tag you. The main aim behind this strategy is to get maximum likes for their picture. They tag you in each and every picture of theirs, like you are spending the rest of your life with them.

The Inviter

They don't care if you stay poles apart, they would still take the efforts of inviting you for each of their events. They don't care who will actually attend their party. They just want to invite people. Then again there are those who spam your notifications with game invites, game requests, and what not.

Who share Way Too Much Information

You know what time they got up, when they brushed their teeth, which song they were listening to in the morning. Unfriend people who treat Facebook as their personal diary. No, we are not talking about celebrities, just some random dude or chick who thinks broadcasting their daily personal lives on Facebook is important for the humankind.


First thing don't accept their requests, because if you do, they will make sure to call your parents every time they see something offensive posted on your wall. Maybe some distant aunt or uncle, relatives will make your life a living hell on Facebook. This will make you think ten times before actually posting something on Facebook.


Facebook is meant to be a place wherein you can interact with your already existing friends.
Things will get awkward and sometimes bad if you accept a stranger's friend request. Even if you have mutual friends with that person, what if he is a kidnapper? Or what if they are crazy? Never let strangers hang out in your friends' list.


This individual has to share his/her insight on everything you post, let it be photographs or any status. He/she makes sure that they comment on anything you post without fail. It's like their comment is really important.

Friend Collector

Worst of all is an individual who sends requests to random people just because he/she wants to increase the list of friends in his account. As if by doing this, his/her name will come in the Guinness Book Of World Records.
So there you have a list of 13 people, you should consider removing from your account. It is not important if you have known them forever or for a short while. And if you feel that by removing them, they will send you a request again, block them. Save yourself the pain of reading their annoying posts.