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How to Use Twitter

Rujuta Borkar
Is it possible to use Twitter for promoting one's business? The following story will tell you about how to use Twitter for just that.
When it comes to using Twitter as a social communication tool, most people on the site have got that down pat. After all, it is a social networking tool. But the social networking apart, Twitter need not be relegated to mere entertainment―it can also take up other roles and serve other purposes.
In that direction, many businesses have begun using this medium as a great tool for promoting their business. How does one use Twitter for business? Read through the following section for some tips.

Aim Directly

Most companies have blogs that they use as an extension of their corporate profiles. This helps them dole out added information about the company, its achievements, the awards they have received and more.
They can also add related links that take people on an in-depth tour of the site and thus help promote the business on the whole. Tweeting works in the same way. When there is information added, it helps people know the company more personally and that helps by way of advertising.
But here's how Twitter is different. It did not start out as a tool for business. People ventured into the territory of using Twitter for marketing after it was established. Thus the tone and mood of Twitter was already set. People did not want to follow company activities and business deals, but were more inclined towards being able to read personal tweets.
So also, the rule that only 140 characters for each tweet were allowed. So businessmen and corporates had to devise ways by which to be able to tweet and yet promote business. How did they do that? By using one liners and turning the message into a conversation piece.
For example, if a company wants to promote their new line of perfumes―a tweet like: 'Check out the new perfumes at so and so...(celebrity name) thinks they are rad!'. That gives an instant connection to the public and also promotes the product.

Aim Indirectly

This works in the same way that the direct marketing does, but this uses a different means to get that message across. Instead of personally tweeting, the company's employees tweet on its behalf. These are subtle messages and use a lot of public relations tactics to promote the business. Let me elucidate further.
Here is an example: 'The guys at work just gave us a bonus... out of the blue! I love these guys!' This employee has added a seemingly innocent tweet about her personal life, but the effect? It puts her employers in good light and works to create a positive effect in the tweeting community about them. Result? Business promotion!

Promote Employee Rapports

Using Twitter professionally has also shown to promote a healthy work environment and healthy relationships at the workplace. Employers who use Twitter to go beyond and share personal aspects of their lives like 'Carpooling fixed for tomorrow?' lead to improving relationships with their colleagues. This directly affects the quality of work in a good way. And happy employees directly translates to good work―Promoting business all the way.

Listening In

Many companies do not use Twitter to necessarily tweet and promote their business directly or indirectly, instead, they listen. They 'follow' professionals and catch on for signs of any shift in market or the like. For example - 'Gary says that the market is going to hit an all time low soon! Just when I needed the cash most!' This kind of feedback―the market hitting a low could help some company be prepared and devise ways of not incurring a loss.
There are so many applications that come with Twitter and they can help in so many ways. So all you need to learn now is how to use Twitter on your phone and you won't even be restricted to finding a computer for tweeting. Seems perfect to me. Great business boost, no less.