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How to Unhide Friends on Facebook

Omkar Phatak
Once you hide a friend, none of his updates are visible in the Facebook feed. Does it mean that you can never see those updates again? Certainly not, and we show you how to bring his updates back in the news feed, by unhiding him.
What began as a Harvard university social networking experiment of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is now one of the biggest websites on the Internet. Some time ago, Facebook surpassed a user base of 500 million unique visitors. That is, half a billion people on this planet and larger than the population of a small country. In short, you will find just about all your classmates, colleagues, and acquaintances on this site.

About Facebook News Feed

The news feed feature reports all the activities of each one of your Facebook friends. This includes their status updates, uploaded photos, access to applications, comments by other friends on their status messages, updates from any of the groups you have joined and even news about events that friends are attending.
Some user may want to read the news feed, from only the choicest ones of his or her friends. The torrent of news from everybody can be simply overwhelming, otherwise. News feed is displayed on the 'Home' page and there is an option to hide feed from certain friends or groups.
There is a cross (X) sign on any news feed item, which gives you an option to hide updates from that application or friend. If you have hidden feed from a friend this way, by mistake, you will not see any news from him or her, unless you visit their profile pages. So, when you have accidentally hidden some friend this way and want to unhide him, what needs to be done, is explained further.

Unhiding Friends

Unhiding friends on Facebook and adding them back to your news feed is extremely simple. Let us see how to do it. Firstly, you must log into Facebook, by typing in your email address and password. Once you are logged in, click on the 'Home' page, which displays the news feed from friends and connected groups. Next, scroll down to the very bottom of the page.
There you will find a link which reads 'Edit Options'. Click on the link and a window will open. This will display a list of friends and groups, which are not added to the news feed. Just select whichever friends you want to add back to your news feed or 'unhide' and close the window. Once you have done that, you will start receiving regular updates regarding their activity.
Using this function of hiding or unhiding news feed from friends, you can control what information is transmitted to your personal Facebook home page.
It is all very simple, as you must have realized by now. Just to remind you again, go to the 'Edit Options' link at the bottom of your 'Home' page. If you still have any doubts regarding this, it is best to refer to the Facebook help pages.