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How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

Veethi Telang
You want him back, or you don't? That's the question. If you do, latch into this story that tells you the easiest way to unblock your friend after you've blocked them from your friend list for reasons totally unknown...
Sick and disgusted with a moronic drone in your friend list, you plan on blocking them forever. However, strangely, one day, you realize that you need to contact them again, and decide to unblock them. But how? Weird place Facebook is.
The moment you learn to use it properly, Mr. Zuckerberg comes up with an all new interface, and you're back to bedlam. You're lost in a maze, and have no clue, whatsoever, as to where the hell do you find your Photo Albums now - let alone find out the solution to unblock an old friend.
Well, while you learn to cope up with the newly introduced Timeline (I, personally, think it sucks!), this article aims at unblocking and unhiding old friends from your profile, so that you can again come in contact with them. Come on! It's good that Facebook is but a virtual world. So, here goes. Read up on.

Unblocking Someone on Facebook: Steps

Before I proceed, let me just explain what happens when you block someone on Facebook. Well, they are still in your friend's list. They cannot see your profile, let alone wall post or message you. What's more, you can't see their profile too.
Unblocking someone on Facebook is not a difficult task - provided you are updated about the ever-changing interface of Facebook. Quite often, Facebook's interface gets transformed, leading to people wandering here and there to access the site. Hence, as per the current interface, allow me to explain the process of unblocking.
➤ Firstly, you need to Sign Into your account. Stay on your homepage, and look at the top right corner of your page which has a link to your profile, a link to Home, and a Downward pointing arrow. Click on the arrow, and select Privacy Settings.
➤ Secondly, when the Privacy Settings tab opens, right at the bottom of the page, you will see the option of Blocked People and Apps. Click on Manage Blocking, which is a link given alongside.
➤ Lastly, you will find a list of people you once blocked in the section 'Block Users'. Right beside their name, you will find a link called Unblock. Click on that. For example, 'Veethi Telang Unblock'. The moment you click on it, a dialog box will appear that says 'You are about to remove _______ from your Block List'. Click on Confirm.

Unhiding Someone on Facebook

While the above was all about unblocking someone on Facebook, too often, it happens, that just to hide an application from our news feed (homepage), we end up hiding the user of that application too. For example, everyone of us has at least one person in our friend list whose updates are downright stupid, and you wish you could block them.
Instead, you hide their news from your homepage, and prefer not seeing their updates henceforth in your news feed. But if you don't know how to unhide friends on Facebook so that you can again see their new updates, follow the simple steps.
➤ Firstly, go to your homepage where you see updates from your friends.
➤ Secondly, towards your left are a number of lists such as 'Favorites', 'Apps', 'Lists', and 'Groups'. Bring your cursor to News Feed, and click on the Edit Settings icon which is in the shape of a pencil. As soon as you click on it, it will pop up an Edit Settings option.
➤ Lastly, when you reach the Edit Settings box, you will see the names of people you hid the posts from. Alongside every user's name, there is a Cross sign (x), clicking on which will unhide them. You can once again see their updates on your homepage.
There you go! The moment you unhide the selected friend, close the window, and refresh once. You will start seeing the updates they've done. As simple as that!
So, this is how you unhide and unblock your friends, Facebookers! The moment you unblock your friend, he/she is able to view your profile. Yeah, a bit of navigation it calls for, but then, it's worth it.
The best thing about it is that you need not search for the person's profile again in order to add them. Instead, if at all, they were in your friend's list before you blocked them, they will automatically appear in your friend's list again. Try blocking a friend, and follow the steps above to unblock them easily. Don't worry, in no way would they be able to know if they're hidden or blocked.