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How to Tag a Photo on Facebook

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
How to tag a photo on Facebook might sound like a complicated question. But in reality, tagging people in your photos on Facebook is very easy. Let us learn a bit about tagging photos on your Facebook account.
I caught up with my college friends the other day. It was a bachelorette party thrown for a friend who was about to get married. It was a great night out for us girls and we had a superb time. We captured each of these precious moments in our cameras.
And the best way to share our pictures was to upload it on Facebook. After we had finished uploading each of our pictures on our respective accounts, I decided to share my pictures with my friends as well. I began to tag photos on Facebook so that each one of us had a copy of the photos taken by us individually.
I asked my other friends too, to tag their photos, so that we all could share them. However, I was very surprised to know that two of my friends did not know how to tag a photo on Facebook. That's when I thought that there may be many such Facebook users who too want to share their joys and sorrows through photographs with their friends.
But, they must be unaware of the process of tagging photos on Facebook. So, without wasting any time, I decided to share this simple, yet very useful knowledge on how to tag photos on Facebook with my readers.

Why to Tag a Photo on Facebook

Before we learn to tag a photo, it is important to understand how a tag helps. When you upload a photo, it is visible only in your account. If you have friends and family in a picture, you can share it with them too. For this, you will need to tag the photo with each person present in the photograph.
You can tag not only people who are present in the photo, but also people who are not present in the same frame. This means that if you upload a funny image or want to share your wildlife photography with friends, you can tag them in your photos.
Tagging helps one share their photos in other people's accounts. Suppose you have a picture of all your classmates during a farewell party, you can tag each and every person in the picture. This will help share that single image which will show up in Photo Albums of different people with an account on Facebook.

Tagging Photos on Facebook

Now, coming to the important part that teaches us how to tag photos. You need to first log in to your Facebook account. Next, go to 'Photos', a tab present on the left hand side of your Facebook screen. This will help you view all your photo albums. Then, select 'My Uploads' tab that is present below the 'Photo' tab on the left hand side of the screen.
Here, you can select the photos you have already uploaded among which you wish to tag someone. Click on the photo of your choice and it will open to its full size view. Now, we can continue to tag this photo.
When you view your photo, scroll below the photograph. Here, you will find many options among which you will find a link that says 'Tag This Photo'. Click on the link and you will find your cursor turning into a crosshair. Now, move the cursor over the face of the person you wish to tag.
Click on the face and you will get a box that helps you choose the name of the person from your friends list. Once you find the name of the person, select it and click on 'tag'. That's it. Your friend is now tagged to your photograph. Suppose you wish to tag someone who isn't on Facebook, you can still type in their name and click on 'Tag'.
The photo will now appear in the photo album of the tagged person, if he/she is active on Facebook. Whenever, you or anyone else visits the photo and scrolls the mouse cursor over the photo, you will find the names (of the people tagged in the photo) highlighted.

How to Un-Tag a Photo

Suppose you have been tagged to a photograph in your friends album and you wish to remove your photo, it is possible to un-tag your photo. All you need to do is open the photo, and under it you will find your name link and the words remove tag in a bracket next to your name.
Click on 'remove tag' and you no longer will be tagged to your friend's photo. Once you remove the tag, no one will be able to tag you to the same photograph again.
This was all about how to tag a photo on Facebook. All you need to do is click on the link that says 'Tag This Photo' and continue adding names of friends you want to share the photo with.
Enjoy sharing precious moments with your friends and their friends as well. Hope the above information has been helpful to every Facebook user who stumbles upon the tagging feature.