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How to Delete a Facebook Group

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Deleting a Facebook group is easy enough. All you need to do is follow the proper procedure, explained further in this story.
With a lot of enthusiasm, you had created a Facebook group. You got a great response from users who were interested in joining it. However, with hundreds of wall posts, spam emails in your inbox, and nasty comments, you may feel like you have had enough. You think it's time to let go of the group and move on. Let's see how you can go about deleting it.

Deleting Your Own Group

Log in to the Account

You first need to log in to your account on Facebook. Once you are logged in, search for your group by typing in the group's name in the search box. You will find the link to your group popping up. You need to click it, to open the group page.

Edit Member List

You need to go to the 'Edit Members' page and select each member of the group. I know it maybe a bit tedious, but you have to click the 'X' next to each member. Then, select 'Delete' and remove all members of the group. Make sure you are the only member present in the group.
Then you need to go to the group's page and click on 'Leave Group'. You will find this tab on the left sidebar of the group's page. With that, you are essentially done.
Remember that you have to delete each and every user, including yourself, as a member of the group. Only then will you be able to get rid of the group for good.

Deleting a Group That You've Joined

You may have joined a particular group on Facebook and got very bored of it. Maybe you just don't want to be a member of a particular group. Well, solving this problem is also a very simple procedure, that requires minimum effort.
All you need to do is sign into your Facebook account and search for the group you want to delete from your profile. Then, once you find the particular group you want to delete, just click on the group link and you will be guided to the group page.
Here you need to locate the tab named 'Leave Group' on the left sidebar, under the group photo. Click on the tab and click 'Remove'. This group will be deleted from your profile forever, and you will no longer receive any notifications from it.