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How to Delete a Facebook Fan Page

Veethi Telang
Can't figure out how to remove a Facebook fan page you created long back? In this story, we tell you the simplest approach to deleting fan pages on Facebook. Take a look...
Oops, made one, but hated it to the core? Or may be, created a fan page of a movie star who's abhorred by masses? Nope, doesn't seem to be working for you, I think. Now stop cribbing and cursing yourself for creating a lame Facebook fan page under your name, and understand how to delete it. It'll hardly take a few minutes.
You know, it is better to first understand the difference between a Facebook group and a Facebook fan page. Many people get mistaken when it comes to differentiating both, and tend to wander on Facebook searching for a set of instructions that lets them use both. So, before we understand the method of deleting these fan pages, let's first distinguish it with a group on Facebook.

Difference Between a Fan Page and a Group

While a fan page displays information generally to everyone of Facebook, a group has an option for privacy settings, wherein, the admin of the group can hide it from the public, and restrict information to only the group members.
Moreover, if you want to become a part of the fan page, you can simply 'like' it, unlike a group, where you need to request other members or the administrator to confirm you as a member.
But naturally, the deletion processes of both is different. The key differences between both must've helped you in figuring out whether you are an owner of a fan page or a group. With that quoted, the following sections explain the process of deleting both a fan page as well as a group, in simple easy steps.

Steps to Delete a Facebook Fan Page

Deleting a fan page on Facebook is fairly easy. All you need to do is read the following step-by-step instructions, and do it alongside:
  • Sign in to your account by using your username and password.
  • Type the name of your page the Search bar at the top of any Facebook page, and select it from the results that drop down in display.
  • Deleting your page requires managing it in the first place. Hence, click on Edit Page underneath the profile picture of your page.
  • Now, select Manage Permissions that you will be able to see on the left sidebar. Manage Permissions tab usually allows you to provide access to others, transfer the ownership to someone else, advertising your account, and also, take back the ownership from others if you like.
  • Clicking on Manage Permissions will lead you to an option of Permanently Delete this Page. Click on that, and refresh.
  • You have successfully deleted your Facebook page.

How to Delete a Facebook Group

Being a small closed place for group members to share information and interests, it is much easier to delete a Facebook group, not to forget that it does require a bit of tedious work. It may interest you to know that Facebook automatically deletes groups that have no members at all.
For you to create a group, it is essential to have at least one member to save it from getting deleted. This concludes that if your group is small, you could manually delete each member of the group, and then yourself, and wait for Facebook to delete your group. Keep in mind that if you aren't the creator of the group, it is not possible for you to delete it.
There ain't no limit to creating Facebook fan pages, and then deleting them all. As long as you're the creator of the page or hold the ownership of it, it is upon you to manage them as you like. Before I conclude, here's the last bit of advice - you cannot retrieve a page that you once deleted. Hence, make sure you know what you're doing.