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How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Status

Dr. Sumaiya Khan
If you wish to know how to tag someone in a Facebook status update, read the following story.
There were good old days, when sending a handwritten mail was the only way of communicating with your loved ones. However, with the dotcom revolution, all of that changed and what came into being were the e-mails. With the click of a button, you could send and receive mails from people.
Today however, technology has taken communication one step further with the help of social networking websites. Websites, like Orkut, Facebook, and Twitter have completely eliminated what used to be a communication gap or time lag.
Now, with the click of a button, you can instantly update people on what is happening in your life, and you can know about what's happening in theirs. Everyone is out there trying to come up with funny status updates. You can also tag someone in your status. While many people might already be aware of this, some beginners might still be ignorant regarding this question. This article will tell you how to tag someone in a Facebook status update.

Steps to be Followed

The option of tagging someone in your status is one of the great ideas of this site. This is because, due to this, people who may or may not be common friends for both of you can click on the profile of the person and view it, and thus, they will know exactly who you are talking about. It is quite easy to perform this task. Just follow the steps given below.

Step 1

Begin by logging into your account. After you have successfully logged in, go to the status bar. It will be on top of the homepage, a white box that says, "What's on your mind?". Start typing your cool status till you reach the point where you're going to mention your friend's name.

Step 2

Just when you're about to type your friend's name, first type the '@' key (without using the single inverted commas). Please remember that you have to leave a space before this symbol, or else the command won't work. After the '@' sign, when you start typing your friend's name, a drop box will appear that will give you the names and a few options from your friend list.

Step 3

Select the friend you wish to tag by clicking on his/her name from the drop box. As soon as you select a name and give a space, your friend's name will appear blue in color and as a hyperlink through which people can navigate to his/her profile directly.

Step 4

Once you complete typing out your message, you can then click on 'share' button, and make it visible to all your friends. This will appear on your wall, and the friend whom you have tagged will get a notification regarding the fact that you've tagged them. They will also get a notification when someone comments on this particular post.

Step 5

If you wish to do the same for multiple people, just repeat the process. Just give a space and hit the "@" symbol to tag another friend until you're done with all your friends. You should now see your message along with the tags you've selected. Now, click on "Post". You can then see your message.


Thanks a lot @Suprita Biswas for the great breakfast! Absolutely loved the cupcakes!

This will appear as:

Thanks a lot Suprita Biswas for the great breakfast! Absolutely loved the cupcakes!

And by clicking on 'Suprita Biswas', you will be navigated to her profile page.
This option can be very interesting, and you can have great fun doing this with your friends. This can be done equally well even on the tablet or the smartphone. However, do not misuse this option, as some people can be touchy, and they may not like you tagging them in your post.