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Good Facebook Statuses

Abhijit Naik
Want to say something, but can't find words? You should go through these Facebook statuses. You might come across a couple of status updates which are good enough to express your feelings.
With more than 400 million users to its credit, Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world of social networking. Its popularity can be attributed to numerous things you get to do on this website. While some people use it to stay in touch with friends and meet like-minded people, others use it to reach out to the whole world.
If you know what Facebook is, the status update feature that it has to offer needs no introduction. This feature works wonders for people, helping them reach out to the whole world. Simply put, you can't get a better platform to share your thoughts and opinions in the virtual world.
One might argue that Twitter is better, but the 140 character restriction means most people cannot use it to its full potential.

Some Really Good Facebook Statuses

While some people talk about what's happening in their life, there are some who use this Facebook feature to unleash their creativity ... to reach out to people with their thoughts and opinions. In the end, it's a whole lot of status messages ... each better than the other.

... about Life

Life is full of ups and downs, nobody would deny the fact. You will seldom come across someone who will boast of his life being full of good moments, or the other way round.
  • Life is like Mario Bros., you have to slay a lot of dragons before you finally meet your princess.
  • When we cannot laugh on one joke again and again, why do we cry thinking about one hurt again and again?
  • The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.
  • Life isn't what you want it to be, it's what you make it become.
  • You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.
  • Don't ever wrestle with a pig. You'll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it. ― Cale Yarborough
  • The winner of the rat race is still a rat.
  • When life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand chocolate!
  • If God is watching us, the least we can do is, be entertaining.
  • People change, things go wrong. Just remember life goes on.

... about Love

Love is considered one of the most amazing attributes of life. Millions of people experience the magic that it is, every single day. In the era of social networking, it isn't surprising that people use status updates to convey their feelings to their loved ones.
  • Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?
  • Listen to your heart; although it is on your left, it is always right!
  • Just when the mind found the answers, the heart changed the question.
  • Love isn't finding a perfect person, it's seeing an imperfect person perfectly.
  • Missing you is the definition of hope.
  • Isn't it ironic we ignore the ones who adore us, adore the ones ignore us, love the ones who hurt us, and hurt the ones who love us.
  • Don't let someone become your everything, because when they're gone, you have nothing.
  • Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
  • It's easy to fall in love. The hard part is finding someone to catch you.
  • Having the love of your life break up with you and say you can still be friends is like having your dog die and your mom saying u can still keep it.
Hundreds of thoughts must have raced across you mind while you made your way through this compilation of status messages. The best part about these statuses is that they make you think, and when you think you do feel like saying a lot ... all of which you can pour out in your own status updates.