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Funny Facebook Chat Tricks

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Facebook chat can be tweaked with some tricks, to make the conversation more lively and fun.
The instant messenger, launched by Facebook, is a great online application that allows you to chat with friends anywhere, anytime. You must have used Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, AOL, Gmail chat, etc. These messengers provide you with animated smileys, audibles, and themes that make your chat more interesting.
You can even share images and transfer data through the chat window. As compared to these advanced messengers, Facebook chat seems quite plain. Here are some ways in which you can make it better.

Facebook Tricks for Chat

You may have noticed some of your friends sending smileys while chatting. Maybe you wish that you could appear offline, till someone you are avoiding goes off chat, or may be you want to send emoticons to express your mood. Here's how you can make it all possible.

Appear Offline to Selected Friends

This is one cool trick that you should definitely try. Do you wish to appear offline to your boss, during work hours? Then all you need to do is log into Facebook. Click on the friends list and create a new one. Name it as you wish.
Now add all the friends that you want to appear offline to, into this new list. When you are done, you will find all the unwanted friends grouped together. Then, spot the green dot next to the list name and click on it. You will appear offline to all these friends and yet remain online, for those you wish to continue talking to.

Desktop Chat

Every time you want to chat, you have to log into your Facebook profile page. This can become quite a task, as you have to keep your Facebook profile window open, all day long. You can avoid this by trying out the following trick.
All you need to do is use Adium or ChitChat and start chatting with Facebook friends, right from your desktop. You no longer have to log into your profile to have access to the chat functionality.

Thinking Upside Down

Surprise your chat buddies, by typing upside down in chat windows. This is a really funny trick that will stump your buddies. All you need to do is visit FlipText and type in the sentence or word you want to write upside down. Then copy the word and paste it in your chat window. Bingo! You have now sent your chat message in an upside-down script. This trick will surely impress your friends.

Smileys for Facebook Chat

Add fun to your chat with the help of these emoticons. Just type in the codes to display them.

Emoticon Code with Meaning


















Chris Putnam (Facebook Engineer)
I am sure that you will find these tricks very useful. After using these, you will no longer find Facebook chat to be a drag, compared to other instant messengers.