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How to Solve Facebook Login Problems

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
When certain prerequisites don't match, Facebook doesn't let users sign in. Here's a short troubleshooting guide on solving login problems on the social networking site.
One of the most common problems faced by any Facebook user is being unable to log in. This may happen, if there is an error on the user side. The most common mistakes that may lead to the problem are discussed below.

Error in Typing Essential Details

Typing error is the most common mistake made by users. Even if you add or miss a single alphabet or character, it can lead to a login failure. The system remembers your personal details and if you type the wrong email address or password, it will not recognize you. Check if you have accidentally hit the Caps Lock key on your keyboard. Your login information is case-sensitive, and typing in capital letters may lead to a failed sign in.

Forgetting Login Email and Password

If you cannot log into Facebook, one reason may be forgetting your password details. If you do not have these vital details, you cannot log into Facebook in any other way. However, you can visit the link provided, that says, 'Cannot Access my Account' or 'Forgot Password'.
With the help of some of the personal details you filled in, when creating your account, you will soon be able to access it with ease. In many cases, your login details for password recovery are sent over to your primary email account.
If this is the case, you should check the inbox, spam, or junk mail folder to look for the email from Facebook, that will provide you with a facility to change your password.

Forgetting Facebook Login Email

Many users tend to forget the email address they use to log in into Facebook. If this occurs, you need to try to login with the mobile number that you used when creating your account. Put in your password and try logging in.

Fixing Login Problems

If you face problems while signing into Facebook, you need to check the information you feed in the login page. Type in the correct email address, as well as password. If you have forgotten any of it, you can send a request to Facebook, to send you a mail that lets you reset the password.
Many browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. provide an option of saving passwords. If you use a secure connection that is installed with anti-phishing software, you can allow the browser to save your password. If at all you forget your password, it can be retrieved from your browser.
Apart from that, it's better to never use third-party sites to log in into your account. Always prefer Facebook's own login page to access your account. Try to remember your login details and make sure that you do not make mistakes while typing. If at all you face further problems, refer the Facebook help center.