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11 Annoying Couples on Social Media

Buzzle Staff
When you are single, all you see is happy couples. But there is a difference between really happy couples and annoyingly happy couples. There are some couples who are in a relationship just for the social media, or so it seems, and as they continue their antics, it simply gets annoying for us. Check out some classic examples of them in this story.

Now you know why!

It has been proven by research that couples who share excessive details about their relationships or post too many pictures of themselves are actually insecure about their relationship. This behavior stems from the need of validation from others.
Being in love is a beautiful feeling, we don't deny that. But, is there a need to constantly tell other people that you are in love? We know you are in a happy, fulfilling, and secure relationship, and we don't need a reminder about it, everyday. Ah, if only some of those really annoying couples on social media understood.
Right from sharing each and every detail of their private moments on Facebook to posting intimate pictures on Instagram, they just want the entire world to know how madly they are in love.
These couples are oh-so-in-love that they don't give a damn about the world, but they DO want to do everything in front of the world. Ironies you see! Anyway, love is blind, and it does make you do crazy things. So let's just laugh at their quirks in this post.

The Kissing Couple

All couples kiss, so this couple needs to stop assuming that they are doing something out of the world. Nobody wants to watch you going at each other all the time. And please, you don't even look adorable (more like sleazy and disgusting). So stop posting your kissing snaps, 'coz we have had ENOUGH of you two.

The Anniversary Couple

They celebrate all their anniversaries: first-date anniversary, one-month anniversary, first-kiss anniversary, and what not. And, they love to ANNOUNCE it to the whole world. So they will proclaim their love for each other after completing one day or one week, and the like. We really wish you guys did it privately, unless you are planning to throw some party with great food and alcohol for each of your relationship milestones.

The Blessed Couple

Girl: "You are the most handsome man in the world. Truly blessed to have found the love of my life. I love you so much my baby." Boy: "Nooo... I am blessed to have you in life darling. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Lucky to have you, love you. XOXO."
Isn't this the crappiest conversation you have ever heard in your life? Why? Why on earth are these people making us listen to all these over-the-top displays of so-called love. Since they are the blessed couple, the perfect match, who are so happy to have found each other, they NEED to tell it to the whole world. Just one advice guys, USE PRIVATE CHAT.

The Check-in Couple

This couple goes on dates almost every alternate day. And yes, they do check in every time, EVERY TIME. Most times there's a oh-we-love-each-other-so-much status and photo along with it. If you love each other so much, then enjoy the damn dinner with each other rather than updating it on social media.

The Selfie Couple

Aww you guys look so cute together, but that DOES NOT mean you post 10 selfies everyday.
Whether you guys are cuddling or going for a romantic walk, there is no need to take a selfie everywhere and show it to the world. The worst are those duck face selfies or so-called adorable weird face ones.

The Just-Married Couple

We understand you got married to the love of your life. In fact, we are very happy for you. Now stop spamming our walls with each and every photo of your marriage. Some pictures are fine, but a new picture everyday, like seriously? People will obviously get bored eventually, even if you don't.

The Hashtag Couple

Blah, blah, blah... the list goes on! This type is one of the most irritating ones, and you will spot too many of them everywhere. Who has the time to read your senseless hashtags. I wonder if their own partner ever reads all of them.

The No-privacy Couple

We don't want to know what you did last night, nor about the epic fight you had the other day, and how you made up later.
There is a reason for personal chat guys, so stop writing everything on each other's walls. And don't post sweet nothings on your partner's wall or mushy tweets, when he/she is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.

The Matching Couple

This couple has matching clothes, T-shirts with cheesy dialogs, couple coffee mugs, and all sorts of other things. But that is not a problem for us. The problem is they want to click a picture with each and every item, and post it on social networking sites. It's like screaming, "oh look at us, we are so cute and adorable, and totally made for each other, with our matching stuff." Well, once in a while is alright, otherwise it just gets on the nerves.

The Confused Couple

Committed, complicated, single, complicated, in a relationship, single... There seriously should be an option called "unstable" for couples who cannot decide their status. These people HAVE TO change their relationship status after every fight, every make-up, and want people to know what is happening in their love life, ALL THE TIME. I wish they had common sense, and understood that people DON'T care.

The Fighting Couple

The annoyance of this couple is something no one can bear. It usually starts with an innocent comment or status update and turns into a big mess. Sometimes one person will complain about the other through a status or post, and what follows is an epic war.
A couple of friends may even start taking sides, and the situation escalates immensely. But after some time, there's a much-hyped make-up session (through tweets or wall postings) and all's well in their paradise. Such episodes happen periodically, and this couple usually never breaks up.
So, how many out of these have you come across? Oh wait, are you one of these? :P