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Web Stories vs Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Stories

Akshay Kulkarni
With Google stepping into the Stories trend with Web Stories (AMP Stories), the question now arises - what sets them apart from the social media giants' long-existing Stories?
Snapchat pioneered the Stories format with Snapchat Stories in 2013. After its success, Instagram copied the idea as Instagram Stories in 2016, followed by Facebook in early 2017. Now, Google has jumped on the Stories bandwagon with Web Stories.
Web Stories is an innovative storytelling format developed by Google as a part of the AMP project. Although inspired by the Instagram/Snapchat Stories, Web Stories differentiate themselves with their unique features.


Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Stories disappear after 24 hours. To retain these Stories, a user needs to either repost them or save them to his profile. In contrast to that, AMP Stories do not disappear after 24 hours. In fact, a user has all the control over their longevity.


Instagram Stories counts to 400 million daily users, Snapchat Stories to 188 million, and Facebook Stories to 150 million. Although Google is backing them, Web Stories aren’t as much popular. Being comparatively new might be the reason; but Web Stories are yet to reach the expected ubiquity.

Searchability and Shareability

Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Stories cannot be searched on the web, and are shareable only on their respective and sister platforms. Web Stories are searchable and shareable, all across the web.

Platform Dependency

Web Stories are platform independent, i.e., with just a few additions to the existing code, anyone can incorporate Web Stories on their website and apps. Whereas, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Stories are accessible only on their respective and sister platforms.

Effect on Ranking

Web Stories are search engine friendly. With them, users can effectively target the ranking factors such as time-on-site, bounce rate, dwell time, etc. Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Stories cannot help with SEO, as they do not appear on any SERP.


To access Instagram/Snapchat Stories on computer, a user needs to install either Android Emulator softwares or some paid tools in the system, or enable specific plugins in the browser. On the contrary, Facebook and Web Stories are easily accessible on all devices.


To create Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Stories, a user is only required to use his camera or specific tools like filters, stickers, emojis, etc. Whereas to create Web Stories, a user has to download its boilerplate code from GitHub, and then configure it according to the needs of his Web Story.
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