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5 Ways to Promote Your Local Business on Facebook

Markus Hermannsdorfer
1. Optimize Your Facebook Profile
First of all, when on your page, users would like to see your address on a map. When put your business on map, you make it easy for them to find you on with Facebook Places.
2. Target Your Local Followers
Since you know where your customer personas are located, make sure you pay Facebook to show your posts to exactly those people, who can come to your place.
3. Invite Influencers to Your Location
There are people who have spent many years and efforts building authority. You need to find an influencer and agree on a visit to your location and for them to write a review on your service/product.
4. Welcome Them Inside
Whether you are a store, office, gym or flower shop – show your followers the place where you spend most of your days creating the best services or goods for them.
5. Go From Local Brand To Global Selling
Create and store editable content, schedule it wisely, run local ads, manage clients or locations, and stay on top of their results with low-cost Award-winning solution trusted by 15,500+ businesses.