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10 Hidden Instagram Hacks You Need To Know

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Instagram features when used wisely will make you an instant social media star. This photo-centric social media app has many hidden tricks that you probably don’t know. You may use Instagram for personal photo sharing or marketing your business. Hidden Instagram hacks will help you stand out among the endless sea of content.

1. Get Post Notification

You can never miss a post from your favorite person or page with ‘Turn on Post Notifications’. Visit the user’s profile and click on the three dots in the top right corner. Choose ‘Turn on Post Notifications’ from the drop-down menu. You can turn it off just like you turned it on.

2. Add Fun Fonts

Wondering how people use special fonts to their bio on Instagram? You can do so by using third-party websites such as LingoJam, type your desired bio in your favorite font and copy it on your Instagram bio section.

3. Add Special Characters

You can add special characters to your Instagram bio by using a third-party App such as Character Pad. Install Character Pad on your phone and use it to copy paste any special character on your phone’s clipboard. Navigate to ‘Edit Profile’ on Instagram and paste this special character.

4. Revisit All the Posts You’ve Liked

You can keep a track of all your previously liked posts on Instagram. Navigate to your Profile-> Options, click on the three dots in case of an Android phone or a gear icon in case of iPhone users. Tap on ‘Post You’ve Liked’. If you no longer want to like a post, deselect the ‘heart’ icon.

5. Add Multiple Accounts Using Same Device

Do you have a personal account on Instagram and want to use the same device for your business profile? Go to your profile, tap on the 3 horizontal lines on the top right corner and tap Settings. Scroll down and click on Add a business account. With this Instagram feature, you can switch between your accounts easily.

6. Hashtags Get You Featured on Explore Page

Whenever you post a new image, add related hashtags to your description. For example, #style, #beautytips, #birthdayfun, #dressesforher, etc. This will allow your post to appear on the Explore page and users from around the world will be able to discover your Instagram account.

7. Save Posts You Like

You no longer need to take screenshots of your favorite posts for future reference. Just tap on the bookmark icon below the post and it will be saved to your collection. You can always go back to your collection and have a look at the posts you have saved.

8. Try Story Highlights

Does your Instagram story deserve more than 24 hours of promotion? You can tap on the potential of Story Highlights. Save your stories together on your profile page by tapping the + sign under your profile image. Select the past stories in your album, add a cover photo, name and post your Instagram Story.

9. Upload Videos on IGTV

If you wish to share videos of more than 60 seconds long then use Instagram TV (IGTV). You can create your own channel and broadcast videos on Instagram. Tap on the tiny TV like icon on your Instagram homepage and start uploading your videos.

10. Reorder Your Favorite Filters

Instagram users have a few favorite photo filters. Rearrange their sequence by bringing your favorite filters to the top. Add a new post and on the filter page scroll right till the end. Click ‘Manage’ and reorder filters by holding your finger on the three grey lines. Drag the filter up/down the list with your favorite ones making it to the top.
Hidden Instagram hacks make posting content easy and interesting. There are many more Instagram features that enhance your personal photos and market your brand efficiently. Just try hidden Instagram hacks and get ready to be discovered by the world.